Mange tout.

Hello again fur balls. I actually got a follower on here today, so my outlook informs me. Well, I thought, I had better go and actually post something… So here I am, posting, for the first time in long time and about time too if you ask me.

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I’m crap.

Yes, I know, I’m crap. I have got bored with the whole ‘writing about the F1’ thing already. Dubai race was shit, Australia was a corker. Malaysia next week and that could be a cracker aswell as it’s another circuit with unpredictable weather and a good track.
Reason number two for this…
Promo’ing a mates tunes for him to help him out a bit, so check out the page.  He only has a couple on this site but there will be more to follow. You can find him onMyspace aswell, where he has more tracks listed, but I think you will have to request him as a friend to see the mysapce one properly.
I’m off now, to add the links and then to see if the new modern warfare 2 maps are ready for download yet. Hurrah hurrah.
Oh yeah, and obviously I will be giving up on the whole F1 reporter pipe dream. Oh how nice it would be to have to follow them around the world, mixing with all the people and having to watch the race etc, and get paid for it. Never mind, I don’t htink I had it in me anyway.
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Holy fuel efficiency batman!!!

It’s therace car of the (not so distant) future. Possibly. A few of those belting round the circuit would look superb.
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Quick update.

OK, so let me make some excuses. I’m not all that great at updating and so on. I do read certain news pages and stuff most days but can’t really be arsed to write about it. You will probably notice more interesting stuff once the actual racing starts and there is more excitement. I am loving the new carsa nd all that though, and today there was  another launch, so we can welcome Lotus back to the grid this season and although the ywon’t be up at the top of the table straight away it will be nice to see the name on track. I have also linked here to pics of the Force India and Red Bull Racing cars.

 Also in the news is ‘bridge’ new layout, that will see the end of ‘bridge’ and put in place a few new corners that should produce a more scope for overtaking, although DAmon Hill (president of BRDC) isn’t quite so pleased with it;

The 1996 world champion describes the ‘Arena’ layout as a “frustrating compromise”, blaming the high costs involved in staging grands prix as the reason why Silverstone isn’t able to afford the more ambitious redesign it ideally wants.

“If you are asking me to say it’s fantastic, I’m afraid I am not going to do that,” he was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

Anyway peeps, that’s it for tonigh as I am gagging to get on the old xbox and have a bot of c.o.d 2 now that I have finally bought it, so see you all soon and don’t panic, not long untill the racing starts now.


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More cars launched at valencia.

ust a quick update now the valencia testing has finished. Plenty more cars launched and listed below and in the vids list on the right. I have also added a new list on the left for miscellaneous stuff that wyould otherwise be left in limbo on here.  Nothing major to report from the testing, usual stuff really. The cars are not all race ready and not everyone wants to go all out and show what they have. All cars and drivers seem in good shape and it is certainly going to be an interesting season. Not only do we have severel world, and ex world champions taking part but we also have the new ‘inrace refuelling’ ban and now the new points system has also been confirmed…

The new system will see places rewarded in a 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 sequence.

F1 bosses believe a seven-point gap between first and second place, rather than the current two-point separation, will promote a ‘race-to-win’ attitude.

And also…

 New tyre rules mean drivers must start races on the same tyres they set their grid time in, while ‘double diffusers’ will be banned from 2011.

For latest car launches click here.

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New module added.

I have added a module that I will aim to keep updated with the car launches for you all to see.
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Bjorn Ravin’s news roundup.

Hello again folks.
What time is it…. I can’t hear you, WHAT TIME IS IT???. that’s right people, it’s MP4-25 time, and that can mean only one thing. It’s the car that will be enjoying the most british support this year seeing as it is being driven by current F1 driver champion, Jenson Button, and the 2008 season driver champion, Lewis Hamilton.  I think this should be a very competitive team with two great drivers. I have always been a fan of Jenson and am chuffed to my boots that he is reigning champ, and was proud of the good old English lad Hamilton for bringing the champions trophy to our shores in ’08. Time for a couple of quotes from the official formula one site to press home the promise of this team, after  a strong second half season last year…
McLaren’s 2010 line-up marks the first time since 1989 – when the team ran Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna – that they have fielded a joint-world champion driver line-up, and marks the first time in Formula One history that the sport’s two most recent world champions have been partnered together.
Obviousley the drivers are only one part of the team and so I would also like to point out…
Members of the design team who contributed to the development of MP4-25 can also trace their involvement back through seven of the team’s 12 drivers’ world championships, five of the team’s eight constructors’ world championships and 112 of the team’s 164 Grand Prix victories.


I’m thinking that Jenson might be the better of the two drivers this season due to the more significant rule change that states that the teams are not allowed to refuel the car during the race. This means that the cars have to run longer, starting heavier and getting gradually lighter as the race progresses. There will stil be pitstops for tyres and the cars will all have to use both dry compounds at each ace. The pitstops are predicted to last about four seconds (stationary time) now and will not play as big a part in the grand scheme of position etc in the race. Also the cars will have a longer wheel base as the tanks are larger to hold the required fuel. I feel that Jenson has a smoother driving style and may just thave the edge over a slightly more sharp style of Lewis.

I’m embedding a video below that I really wanted to get into the media player up above to welocome you all each time you came here but you will ahve to manually click it below. If you click on the blue title of it you might be whisked to the source for better viewing.

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